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About this Website

Wesi's Beer World came to life back in 1993. On a trip thru the southwestern United States, I learned the hard way that while the U.S. has many decent beers, there's also more than a fair share of awfully crappy ones. Problem was, whenever we went to a supermarket to buy some brews, we could never remember what the good ones were, so we kept buying the bad stuff all over again. But not for too long: I started taking notes, which helped my memory and consequently also to improve the average quality of my nightcap beer. Back home in Switzerland, I had my hands on a list with detailled comments on 37 american brews, which I put on what was back then the earliest stages of the WWW, to share with fellow travellers. The feedback I got encouraged me to extend the site further during my college and university years. The content is virtually unchanged since then, which by now means it is several decades old :). Many of the listed breweries or brews no longer exist. I'm keeping these pages online just for fun and auld lang syne.

How to read the ratings

There's not much to explain. As you'll see, the text ratings are really easy to read and understand. I don't use no fussy wine tasters vocabulary, the comments are blunt, short - and true. At least what I consider to be the truth, grin. As you'll notice, some of my ratings are backed up with comments by friends of mine, namely Daniel G. Kluge, Berno Marthaler, Daniel Frei and Boris Achermann. The pictogramm ratings can be read as follows:
Three barfbags Yuck! This thing is awful, weird and whatever else it can be. But it is NOT a beer! I consider brews of this category to be undrinkable and usually pour them away after the first few disgusting sips
Two barfbags Survivable, but far from being an enjoyment. Beers of this category usually lack the "balance" of a decent brew, are overhopped, or smell or taste like no beer should.
One barfbag Plain ordinary beer, drinkable, but usually boring and nothing special. Just the kind of beer you expect to get in a plastic cup at a soccer match or baseball game.
One beer mug Perfectly normal beer. Easily drinkable and with bit more excitement for your tastebuds than the previous category. The type of beer to go with your outdoor event, or just for everyday use :-)
Two beer mugs A good brew! Decent and balanced, refreshing and tasty. The type of beer to keep in the fridge for when good friends drop in.
Three beer mugs    This ranking is not awarded very often, and usually given only to my favorite beers of a certain region or type. Even for folx with other taste, beers of this category should offer a rewarding drink.

The Tasters

Wesi    Passionate beer lover who prefers having no beer to having a bad beer. Mile high standards paired with a mercilessly cynic mind. If you want your beer to survive Wesi's scrutiny, hand it to him after he spent a hot day hiking thru his beloved Arizona desert.
Kluge Vegetarian and passionate beer lover with lively tastebuds unblunted by the consummation of burnt pieces of cattle. Doesn't really like dark or stout beer, so don't expect any praise there.
Berno The only non-engineer of the tasting team. Passionate cigar smoker, still looking for the beer that goes as well with a fine cigar as a single malt or good rum.
Boris Master of descriptive vocabulary. Would actually prefer a classy red wine to every beer. His prejudice can be easily subverted, though, if you give him the choice between hot wine and cold beer after he spent a day hiking in the Arizona sun.
Dani Gourmet, well versed in the ways and tastes of the world. Can distinguish a '94 Mondavi Cabernet from a '99 Anheuser Bud Light even with his eyes closed! Grin.

The small print / Contact

Being from Switzerland, it is quite unlikely that I should know where you can buy a certain beer in Lafayette LA, Amarillo TX, or wherever else you live. Further, I will not ship any Swiss beer to anywhere, nor am I interested to import or sell your hoppy potion here in Switzerland. Whilst I like to read your comments and suggestions to this website, and usually answer every mail I get, I kindly ask you to refrain from sending me questions like

"Where can I buy Rugenbrau beer in New York?"
"I am looking for a partner for a good investment..."
"Can you ship me a case of Spiess Edelhell to Someplace, Idaho ?

You get the point. Comments not along those lines are welcome and appreciated. I can be reached under beer371  @