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Thirsty? You hit hoppy gold!

Wesi's Beer World contains some of the most comprehensive ratings of American and Swiss Beer available on the web. Should you be looking for beer ratings in fussy "expert" language, you came to the wrong place. If a beer smells like rotten fish or has an aftertaste of cough siroup, that's the rating it gets. No pussyfooting, no false gloss, just the blunt, unvarnished truth. Well, yes, what I consider to be the truth, that is. Most of the ratings are backed up by second opinions from my friends, and by emails I get from enthusiastic readers. Grin. Maybe the less-than-enthusiastic, the Bud & Coors Light lovers, just don't dare to write...

Click on one of the buttons above for ratings of beers from Switzerland, Mexico, the United States and United Kingdom.

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