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Eichhof Klosterbräu (Eichhof)    mug
KlugeTastes like a nice unfiltered beer in the beginning, but in the end you only taste that it lacks any substantial carbonation
WesiSweet and pretty low on carbonation. Didn't like it at all on the first try, but started to get used to it. Every brewery is trying to sneak its share from the amazing success Ittinger had with its Klosterbra¨u. This attempt by Eichhof is not bad, but they still got way to go...
St.Galler Klosterbräu (Schützengarten)    boak
WesiYet another Klosterbräu. I'm amazed on how many holy convents with beer brewing monks seem to exist in Switzerland. This one is made by the "oldest Swiss brewery". Typically sweet aftertaste, abundant in aroma hops. Decently carbonated, but still leaving a kinda stale impression.
Falken Klosterbräu (Falken Schaffhausen)    mug mug
WesiSigh. It is Klosterbräu time in Switzerland, and everybody is playing game. This one is a highlight, though. Nice turbid color, fresh and lively, nicely carbonated with a rather prominent fruity aftertaste. Pretty good.
KlugeA low-carbonated turbid beer. The charm of its malt taste meets the carbonation level.
Hopfe-Häx Naturtrüeb (Brewery missing)    boak boak
WesiBeautiful turbid color. Flavor very fruity indeed, and not very beer-like. I would rather have guessed it to be the slimy liquid that comes with canned pear halves. I don't like sweet beers.
Falken Schwarz-Bier mit Emmer (Falken)    mug
WesiFirst of all: Congrats! Switzerland is badly short of decent ambers and I surely welcome every attempt to launch a new one. The Falken Schwarz Beer is a bit too well carbonated and a bit too decently chilled - otherwise, it would remind me strongly of goode olde Britain. If you're British and homesick, this is the beer to try. By the way: Whadda heck is an Emmer?
KlugeSniff. Sniff. Hm. Something rotten in the air. This is a really strange one, tastes like a some lemonade with roasted dark malt dissolved in it. Otherwise, not much taste, or aftertaste, to speak of. The non-beer.
Appenzeller Weizen (Locher, Appenzell)    boak
KlugeSmells like leftover of last year's wheat, looks like rusty water. Tastes disappointingly like nothing particular at all, like iced tea without sugar maybe. Little carbonation, metallica.
WesiDisappointing. Starting like a wheat beer, but lacking the spirit, freshness and taste of a true Weizen. Kinda smells like the water of Lake Zurich in mid summer: Lukewarm, sweet, with a wiff of algae. Brrr.
Wildschwein Bier (Müller, Baden)    mug mug
WesiBefore trying this one, had someone told me that Müller makes a decent brew I would have laughed my a** off. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I took the first sip - Wildschwein is a well balanced, malty and rather full-bodied special lager, and is pretty good. What makes it even better is that some undisclosed part of the revenue they rake in with this brew goes into nature conservation projects in the canton Aargau. Liquid charity, now that's my taste :-)
Valaisanne Special (Valaisanne)    boak
WesiOne of the fruity specials. Kinda like a non-alc beer like Schlossgold, with a candy-gum-yummy aftertaste. The sweetness is met by a decent hoppy bitterness and, sigh, also a hint of metal. Drinkable.
KlugeSmells like hops, tastes like hops, and has an aftrtaste that is quite hoppy, although it falls short of being metallic.
Albertus Hell Spezial (Egger)    boak boak
WesiHuh? Low on carbonation, even lower on taste. Hint of metal in the aftertaste, but otherwise quite nothing. Sucks. I think I know what goode olde Albertus died of...
KlugeFlat, non-tasting non-descript beer.
Fleur D'Arbeilles (Honey-Beer) (Egger)    boak boak boak
WesiYack! A triple-boak beer for sure, only by the smell of it. No taste, just plain honey sweetness. Like the tea they give you in youth camps and hospitals. Sukks big time - I'd rather have a coke.
KlugeIf you're fond of flat american beers and heavy, really heavy, artificial sweetness, this might be a beer for you.
Wädi Bräu Millenium Bock (Wädi Brau Huus)    boak
KlugeUgh. If you ever wondered what a biotech startup - lets say in the field of decomposing germs - can do, you just hit the jackpot. Some revolting taste of highpowered hops, but without the bitterness. Hops without the hops. Just some taste - whatever it is.
WesiNice turbid color, decently hopped but still not too bitter. Strange hint of medicine in the aftertaste.
Ueli Fischer Stube (Ueli, Riehen)    mug mug
WesiTurbid, with the right amount of carbonation and an excellent mixture of aroma and bitter hops. Not really a very distinct taste, but easily drinkable. Kinda like a lighter version of Ittinger.
KlugeFruity, but not offendingly artificial or overly sweet. Still nicely hopped, tasty, well carbonated. Slight hint of apple in the aftertaste. Good.
Boxer La Forte (Boxer)    boak boak
WesiFruity-hoppy, low on carbonation. Sweet and bitter, makes your tongue both stick to your teeth and feeling dry all the same. Gets a bonus for its 8p.c. alc, otherwise I'd rip it to pieces.
KlugeIndustrial strength hopping. Sucks.
Boxer Goldbügel (Boxer)    boak boak boak
WesiYack. Hoppy metallic dry bitter sucking-on-a-tincan type of beer. Sweet perfume-like smell. Bigtime weirdo.
KlugeThis is a strange kinda beer. Smells like one in the earliest stage of brewing and tastes even more like it. Something for beer pedophiles, maybe.
Boxer Hacienda Hanf (Boxer)    boak boak
KlugeBad metallic lager, the hoppy hint seems to glue the metallic aftertaste to your tongue. Chew on it all night long.
WesiMy my, the Boxer brewery does get a beating tonite. If there were a chewing gum with beer taste, this would be it. Sticky, chewy, sucks all night long.
Sonnenbräu Rheintaler Maisbier (Sonnenbräu Rebstein)    boak
WesiImagine an ordinary lager, with just a hint of apple juice added. Fruity lingering aftertaste of cider and apples. Not too bad, but somehow, well, gutless. Brewed with Reinthaler Ribelmais, which is a rare type of white corn of traditional rhine valley origin - that doesn't make the beer any better, though :-)
Billwiller First Class (Schützengarten)    boak
KlugeQuite nicely hopped, slight aromatic taste. Its metallic aftertaste could get really annoying if you drink more than one bottle. By the way, nice "things" floating in it.
WesiHoppy, with a pretty metallic aftertaste. I wonder where all that stuff floating in it comes from - did they forget to filter it, or do they add it later for show ? Still, not a must-have, but quite ok.
Schützengarten Naturtrüeb (Schützengarten St Gallen)    mug
WesiFruity, hoppy, dungheap kinda smell, but taste is pretty nice. OK.
KlugeSmells like an empty beer barrel in the sun for two weeks and tastes like a week less.
Calanda Edelbräu (Calanda)    boak boak
WesiYou know how to tell where the horse carriage stops are in a tourist city ? Yep: by the smell. This one is the Carriage Stop Beer (tm). Stinky, both hoppy and sweet. You could get used to it, but I don't think you'd want to...
KlugeVery peculiar smell and aftertaste, the heck knows what it is. Gets annoying quite quickly.
Celtic Whiskey Brew (Löwenbräu Zürich)    boak boak
WesiMore Whiskey *aroma* than Whiskey. Just awfully sweet and nothing else. Sucks.
BernoFruity-sweet. Nice light-brown color. Drink it iced cold when it is hot outside. Otherwise: Hands off.
Vollmond Bier (Locher / El Internacional, Appenzell)    boak boak
WesiLots of marketing gags on the label - a promise the content doesn't keep. Offending metallic aftertaste. The whales, apparently getting 5 cents per bottle, might be the only ones liking this beer. Burp-and-fart beer. Sucks.
Häxli (Hürlimann, Zürich)    mug
WesiMalty amber with noticeable roast. According to the label brewed only in full-moon nights. The proof that Hürlimann would be able to brew good beers - if only they'd try harder. Overall: A good one.
Wädi Brau Huus Hell (Wädi Brauhuus, Wädenswil)    boak
WesiBoring taste. Nothing special, just flat and thin. Swiss beer on its way to America...
Wädi Brau Huus Dunkel (Wädi Brau Huus, Wädenswil)    mug
WesiVery light amber beer. Just a slight hint of malt. Good and rather tasty.
Wädi Brau Huus Ur-Pils (Wädi Brau Huus, Wädenswil)    mug
WesiAcceptable, but not outstanding. Far better than "Wädi Brau Huus Hell", though. OK.
Ittinger Klosterbräu (Actienbrauerei Frauenfeld ==> now Heineken)    mug mug mug
WesiVery light amber beer. Malty, but well balanced and perfectly blended with hops. Not bad, really. One of the Swiss beer highlights. Recently upgraded to the top rating since it kept being my favorite swiss beer for over one year now. Unfortunately, Ittinger Brewery has been acquired by Heineken, which means that one of the best Swiss beers comes to the end of its descent from tasty microbrew to boring mass market. Watch this space for the impeding downgrade.
BernoFruity. Great amber color. Well balanced bitterness. Hops from the monastery garden - you can smell da Lord.
Back & Brau Hell (Back & Brau, Zürich)    boak
WesiPerfectly normal lager. Tasty, but with an insisting hint of chemistry. They have good, fresh bagels, though. Get your bagels at Back & Brau, but get your beer somewhere else.
Spiess Edelhell (Brauerei Eichhof, Luzern)    mug mug
WesiAs good as lager can be. Fresh like a draft, but lots more taste. Elegant, just cool and really tasty!
Cardinal Original Draft (Cardinal-Sibra, Fribourg)    mug mug
WesiRefreshing, slightly limey taste. Funny green-yellowish color. Used to be my favorite. I still like it, but I come to think it tastes a bit too much like one of these boring Coors or Busch beers. Join the club, anyway. It's still better than most.
BernoLike a thin Weizen. Good, refreshing taste. The beer you'd like to drink one after the other if you're really thirsty.
Cardinal Lager (Cardinal-Sibra, Fribourg)    mug
WesiMild, slightly bitter taste, decent aftertaste. Perfectly normal lager, but refreshing and easy to drink. A bit watery, both in color and in taste, but overall quite good.
Rosengarten Alpenbier (Rosengarten)    boak boak
KlugeBö. Smells worse than it tastes. Strong smell of hops, but no nastiness in its taste. The aftertaste is flat and boring.
WesiYack, my goodness! Where's the taste? Stinks like a horse stable, but tastes like "space, the final frontier" : VOID.
Calanda Ice (Calanda-Haldengut)    boak
WesiOK if you're really thirsty. Awfully thin. According to the label, it is "made with pure mountain spring water". The last four words are true.
BernoEasy to drink, but really thin. A beer for women.
Hürlimann Stern-Bräu (Hürlimann, Zürich)    boak
WesiQuite bubbly, the beer that really fills you up. Kinda funny taste - starting like acid, boring in between and unobtrusive afterwards. Since half of the restaurants in Zurich are belonging to this brewery, you'll get it everywhere. That doesn't make it better, though
Hürlimann Lager (Hürlimann, Zürich)    boak boak
WesiLike sucking on an iron pipe. Offending taste, bubbly and acid-like. Not good.
BernoMetallic taste. Bubbly and filling, the typical "burp-and-fart" beer. A beer you can neither enjoy nor get drunk of. Sucks.
Maximus (Egger)    boak boak
WesiWelcome to Hoppyland (tm). Kinda tastes like beer filled into a rubber boat and left exposed to the sun for one day. Flatty stinky sweaty sneaker kinda beer.
KlugeSmells like beer with aroma hops, tastes like aroma hops dissolved in water. Bitter.
Quinto (Feldschlösschen)    boak
WesiLovely foamy cap, sweet smell. Taste, ugh, sweet, heavy in aroma hops and low in carbonation. Overall: Sweet, weak and boring.
KlugeThe Pointy Haired Boss Beer (tm): "We need a new beer. Aroma hops are cheap". Turbid, smooth, but far too fruity.
Dunkle Perle (Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden)    mug
WesiNot what you'd expect from an amber: neither overly malty nor bitter. Rather refreshing. Looks like coke and is about as easy to drink. Good.
Schlossgold (no alc) (Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden)    boak boak
WesiUgh. Funny. Put some sweetener or blackberry siroup into some not too good lager - and there you go. Beers without alcohol are quite OK - presuming they still taste like beer. This one definitely doesn't.
BernoFruity-sweet. Interesting in the beginning, but starts to suck after the third sip. Fruit taste and beer taste dont mix.
Feldschlösschen Ice Beer (Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden)    mug
WesiDesigner glass, designer bottle, designer beer. In taste close to Calanda Ice, what actually means that it is in taste close to water. A bit more beer than Calanda, though. If you buy one, make sure to read the label on the backside - you'll have a good laugh.
Calanda Lager (Calanda-Haldengut)    boak
BernoBoring beer. No pleasure while drinking it. Hurts your mouth and - last but not least - comes with a bitchy bitter aftertaste.
WesiMetallic taste, like out of can. Kinda tries to dissolve your tongue. Rather flat. Overall: boring.
Hopfenperle (Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden)    mug mug
WesiReally smooth. Noticeable, but not offending hops. Well balanced. I rather like this one. Americans beware - more taste in one glass than in 20 sixpacks of Bud.
BernoGood first impression. Balanced bitter taste. A beer to enjoy, but not a beer to drink in a hurry. Zion NP - like aftertaste.
Löwenbräu Lager (Hürlimann, Zürich)    mug
WesiTypically Swiss - nothing very special. On tap readily available all over Zurich. Maybe a bit too bubbly and filling, but overall quite OK.
Löwenbräu Red Lion (Hürlimann, Zürich)    mug
WesiA bit like watered Löwenbräu Lager. Thin, but still noticeable hops. Tries to imitate Cardinal Draft, but not even gets close. A bit metallic aftertaste, hardly any foam. OK, but not outstanding.
Haldengut Lager Hell (Calanda-Haldengut, Winterthur)    boak boak
BernoKinda like drinking blood. Throw-up beer. Needs a certain time to drink, since you'll have to convince your brain to give the order to swallow. It sucks. Really.
WesiMh, funny. Drink it with your eyes closed - and you'll think that you're drinking an amber. Malty and slightly rusty taste. I can surely think of better ones...
Feldschlösschen Original (Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden)    boak
BernoNot good, but cheap. Friday-night-one-night-stand beer. Bitter aftertaste.
WesiThin. Perfectly normal, boring Swiss Lager. Drink it ice cold, it gets nasty when warm.
Falken Lager Hell (Falkenbräu, Schaffhausen)    mug
WesiA good lager, easy to drink and refreshing. No boring lager taste - just a good beer.
Falken Cool (Falkenbräu, Schaffhausen)    mug mug
WesiRefreshing beer, served with lime. Looking and tasting like Corona, but without the offending pee smell of the Mexican original. Why drink Corona if there's something better made in Switzerland ?
Naturtrueb Hell (Wädi Brau Huus for Globus)    mug mug
WesiRefreshing taste, funny bottle. Easy to drink, no bitterness at all. Made with biologically grown hops and not filtered. Might be the reason for its nice, slightly turbid color. Good.
Haldenkrone Premium (Haldengut)    boak boak
WesiAs usual with Haldengut, a nasty iron-metallic aftertaste. Cheap, both in price and in taste. Acceptable to drink, but the aftertaste - oh s**t! They try to brew a decent beer since 1843 - and keep on trying...
Einsiedler Schafbock (Einsiedler Brauerei)    mug
WesiCorn beer, a bit sweet and with a decent fruity aftertaste. No bitterness at all - hops, where are you ? But overall, not bad.
BernoGood. Exactly like an american light beer.
Müller Bräu (Müller, Baden)    boak
WesiJust another boring lager, nothing special. Cool snap-bang bottle, but that's about it. Leave it, you won't miss anything.
Tell Lager (?, for Coop)    boak
WesiPerfectly normal lager. A taste you'll find all over the world - just buy the cheapest beer you can get your hands on. Boring.
Goldmandli Bügelspez (Brauerei Baar)    mug
WesiCool bottle, 0.5 liter content. Claims to be brewed like a Pils, but doesn't really taste like one. A bit metallic in its aftertaste. Not bad, but nothing specially rewarding either.
Cardinal Rheingold (Cardinal)    mug
WesiStrong beer (6.2p.c. alc), with a taste of its own. Hard to say - some might find it bitter, bubbly and with a lukewarm metallic aftertaste, others liking beer of German taste might find it just fine.
BernoNot too bitter, but still quite heavy in hops. Kinda fruity, with a very slight metallic aftertaste. Filling. Without its bonus for 6.2p.c. alc, I'd certainly rate it lower.
Hürlimann Gold (Hürlimann)    boak boak
BernoThe best of the Hürlimann Lagers, but still nothing special. Not bad, but a boring headache beer. Try it - ten minutes after the first sip, your brain starts to explode...
WesiUgh. Just another of the boring lager kind. Piss pond. D'ya know where Port Arthur is ? Well, take a sip of the polluted sea there - and there you go.
Falken Weizen (Falkenbräu, Schaffhausen)    mug
WesiNot very rich Weizen with a slightly metallic aftertaste. Still, the distinct, refreshing wheat taste is there. And, as you know, a Weizen has to be really weird for me not to like it...
Falken Prinz (Falkenbräu, Schaffhausen)    boak
WesiA premium beer that doesn't taste like it. Rather boring, like some no-name lager. Can't really say what's wrong with it, but I certainly expect more from a premium. This one is just an ordinary beer.
Tödi Ice Beer (Brauerei Adler, Schwanden GL)    boak
WesiNothing really special, a bit metallic in its aftertaste. Funny smell that somehow reminds me of Corona. That's why I tried the second half of the bottle with some lime. Didn't help the taste, though, but made it smell and taste even more like the Mexican brew. Not better than Corona, but at least considerably cheaper.
Maisgold Spezial (Rosengarten, Einsiedeln SZ)    mug
WesiYet another corn beer. Fresh taste, fruity and smooth. Rather close to some beers I had in the States, but (slightly) better hopped than the average American brew. OK.
Cardinal Dunkelbier (Cardinal-Sibra, Fribourg)    boak boak
WesiAmazingly fruity for an amber. Close your eyes, and you'll think you are sipping a non-alcohol lager. Too thin, too sparsely hopped and certainly too sweet for an amber of my taste.
Cardinal Speciale (Cardinal-Sibra, Fribourg)    mug
WesiSmooth and balanced, but not very spicy. Nicely blended taste, although not really thrilling. Hmm. Overall, quite OK, but not really something "Speciale".
Einsiedler Lager Hell (Einsiedler Brauerei)    boak
WesiComes with a nice snap-bang bottle cap. The taste itself is that of a typical lager: Quite thin and nothing special. Not overhopped like many other cheap lagers, therefore quite drinkable - but still rather boring.
Wädi Bräu Hanfbier (Wädi Brauhuus)    boak
WesiTaste and aftertaste a bit sweet, reminding me of an american red roast. Nice light amber color. This beer contains canabis (without THC, of course), and although I didn't notice any of it in its taste, it certainly has a distinct smell of its own. Overall, I think it's just an average beer. Clever marketing, sure, but I'd say it's not worth the hype.
Weihnachtsbier (Christmas Beer) (Back und Brau)    boak boak
WesiI did not actually sample this one. I don't know of any beer that would be worth the twenty bucks they ask for one liter of their Christmas Brew. It may be good, it may be bad - but it's certainly not worth its price.
Ziegelhof Goldbräu (Brauerei Ziegelhof, Liestal)    boak
WesiNice hoppy taste, but unfortunately not much more. They *do* have nice hops, but it still leaves nuffin but a slightly metallic aftertaste. OK, but just so.
Eichhof Braugold Spezial (Eichhof, Luzern)    mug
WesiHmm. First impression: Light, but rather hoppy, both in taste and in aftertaste. A bit weak for a "Special", but still tastier than an ordinary lager.
Meisterbräu (Calanda )    boak
WesiNo smell, no real taste. A bit malty, a bit metallic, and overall quite dull.
KlugeThey *do* have malt, sure. But they ain't got nuffin else.
Hubertus Dunkel (Eichhof Luzern)    mug
KlugeMetallica. Taste not bad, but a very very heavy metallic aftertaste.
WesiSmells and tastes a bit fruity, but not too bad. Nice reddish color. Too warm, but still quite drinkable.
Fridolin Kundert Dunkel (Adler Schwanden)    boak boak boak
KlugeA live transscript of Kluge's comments: "Ugh. Shiiit. Shiit. [he coughes]. Shiiiiit. What's that ? [coughing again] Brr! It tastes like them pear pies which I already loathed as a child!"
WesiLicorice at its best. Hardly any carbonation. Tastes like them candies I used to chew as a child. Amber ? Naa, it's cough siroup.
Barbara De Luxe (Eichhof Luzern)    boak boak
KlugeMetallic, metal, like a can. Aftertaste like after 5 months in the keg.
WesiAw, shit. The first time Eichhof really disappointed me. This one tastes like old, warm lager mixed with some iron splinters would taste. DeLuxe ? I'd say it sucks!
Zwickelbier (Hürlimann)    boak
WesiHmmm. No wonder they intend to close the Hürlimann brewery next year... Boring, not at all what I'd expect from a Zwickelbier.
KlugeBoring. Tasting just like a million other beers do. Weak, not very hoppy. Where's the taste ?
Anker Original Dark (Cardinal)    boak
WesiFruity, with a prominent hint of licorice in its aftertaste. Acceptable, but just so.
KlugeDark and creamy, but with a strange aftertaste.
Panix Perle Special (Adler, Schwanden)    boak boak
KlugeTastes like a beer party. Ya know, after 2 o'clock, everything and everybody just tastes and smells like beer...
WesiI'd say it's a plain lager and not a special. The boring metallic aftertaste of ordinary lagers is definitely there.
Weinfelder Spezial (Brauerei Weinfelden)    boak boak boak
KlugeMy nose doesn't lie - it really tastes like it smells: like an ale. So here's the recipe: At the end of the evening, mix some leftover ale and some stale lager together. Guess you get the idea...
WesiAah. Like in goode olde England. Too warm, too flat, too boring. Where's the carbonation ? Aw, shit!
Rugenbräu Alpenperle (Brauerei Interlaken)    mug
KlugeYou'll taste right away that they're using corn. But otherwise, the taste is like the color: Almost not noticeable.
WesiAmerican taste. Meaning that there isn't any. It ain't got no edges, it ain't got no corners. It's just a plain beer, smooth and a bit fruity. Nothing special, a beer you can drink all night without even noticing that you're drinking.
Einsiedler Dinkel (Rosengarten Einsiedeln)    mug
WesiNice bottle. A distinct aftertaste of whole wheat. Dip a slice of whole wheat toast into a decent ruby amber and then eat it, and you'll have a first-class impression of how this beer tastes. Still, I'd say it's not all that bad.
KlugeSome people think of beer as nutrition, This one really tastes nutritious, like dark bread. Probably not all that bad if you need a special.
Eichhof Ice Beer (Eichhof Luzern)    mug
WesiRefreshing. The proof that it is possible to brew an ice beer which still tastes like beer. Really good, but only drinkable if frozen cold.
Einsiedler Spezial (Rosengarten, Einsiedeln)    boak boak
KlugeTastes as if it had been in the glass for hours. No taste, no bubbles, and awfully warm.
WesiWarm. Boring. Sucks.
Rugen Special (Brauerei Interlaken)    boak boak
WesiFruity. Really. And damn artificial, too. Tastes like a hops garden smells. Just lots of aroma hops, not much more. Somehow like a panache.
KlugeThe Wrigley's Beer (tm): Hoppy, fruity aftertaste - all day long.
Bäregold Spezial (Gurten, Bern)    boak
WesiFruity and hoppy. How to make a special out of a lager ? Just add aroma and bitter hops. It won't get any tastier, but it's taste will become truly "special"...
KlugeThat famous Gurten smell, you know. Hoppy to the hilt, for a Swiss beer, that is.
Rheinperle (Sonnenbräu)    boak
KlugeThis is an attempt for a full-bodied beer. Unfortunately, the outcome tastes metallic and hoppy.
WesiSmells like dog pee, but doesn't taste all that bad. I expected a friesisch-herb pilsner. It *is* pilsner, all right, but it is still drinkable.
Sonnenbräu Ice Beer (Sonnenbräu)    mug mug
KlugeAah. Should be called "The Ultra Lager". Really strong taste, without getting obnoxious. A little bit on the metallic side, but still, quite good.
WesiGood. Even more taste than the Eichhof Ice. Hmm, on second thought, it's got a bit too much hops for an Ice. Still, too small a bottle for too good a beer.
Säntis Kristall Hell (? (Locher Appenzell))    mug
Klugerated it with two "boaks"]
WesiHoppy, both in aroma and in bitter hops. A bit warm, but not too bad. I'd say it is ok if properly chilled.
Wiltsch (Rugenbräu, Interlaken)    boak
WesiHardly any taste, but the aftertaste of an ordinary lager, with a bit of non-alcohol lager taste mixed in. Weak.
KlugeRather flat in taste. Probably you could drink it all night, presumed you don't get bored by it. No wonder the figure on the label pours beer onto the floor.
Valaisanne Blonde (Brewery missing)    boak boak
WesiStinks. And tastes like it smells. Dishwasher soap, window cleaner, whatever: Pick one and you got the taste. Sucks.
KlugeSmell and taste immediately reminded me of where this beer comes from. Smells like the Balelec, the biggest student party in the french speaking part of Switzerland. Taste isn't really there, but strong aftertaste - just like throwing up at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Sonnenbräu Light (Sonnenbräu)    mug
KlugeFinally somebody who realized that a light beer doesn't mean flatter taste. It's probably just because of the american light beers that light beers have so bad a name. Not really that much taste, but at least you can tell that they used hops.
WesiWell. Not all that much taste, but decently hopped. Tiny bit artificial, but overall, quite OK.
Weizentrumpf (Sternen Brauerei, Frauenfeld)    mug mug mug
KlugeNot bad. Extremely wheaty. Smells almost more like a barn than like a beer.
WesiAah. Really decent. Fresh, with that unique wheat flavor which I like so much. It even tastes slightly limey, without any lime added. I think I just found my favorite swiss Weizen. Good. Damn good.
Calanda Weizen (Calanda-Haldengut)    boak
KlugeSwiss beer, are they sure ? Tastes like a re-labeled american one: wholly flat in taste.
WesiCompared to Weizentrumpf, which I sampled just before this one, it tastes like the joke of wheat beers. It is fresh and wheaty, but weak and thin.
Calanda Dunkel (Calanda-Haldengut)    boak boak
KlugeA truly creative beer. Taste and smell of licorice, together with a metallic aftertaste. Whoa shiit, whadda combination...
WesiOne of the wateriest ambers I ever had. Malty, all right. But awfully thin. Tastes like a burned-out car wreck smells. Brrr.
Warteck Pic (Warteck Basel)    boak boak
KlugeStrong in taste, but unfortunately they made their taste with hops and only hops. Too bad. Tastes like some window cleaner. Shudder.
WesiToo generously hopped. A bit fruity and rather metallic. No good.
Sonnenbräu Special (Sonnenbräu)    boak boak
KlugeTastes like a keg. Chewing on one, that is. Most obnoxious, metallic aftertaste.
WesiA special ? My ass! Boring, flat, metallic - in short, just shitty.
Hanf Lady Weizen (Wädi Brau Huus)    boak boak
BernoNice chemical-orange color. Sweet taste, like half beer and half fruit juice. Don't like it.
WesiSweet and awfully fruity. The wheat taste is there, all right, but it comes together with a hint of orange and apple juice which I don't like at all. Hmm. Amazing idea to substitute hemp flowers for the hops, but the result is not really rewarding...
Boxer Old Lager (Brasserie Du Boxer, Romanel)    mug
WesiMh. A bit thin, but amazingly tasty, not at all like an ordinary lager. Fresh, just the right amount of hops in the aftertaste. Rather like a tasty ice beer than like a lager. Make sure to drink it iced cold - as every beer, it gets nasty when warm. Overall: quite good.
Baarer Maisbier (Brauerei Baar)    boak boak
WesiSweet, metallic, cheap. Hardly any aftertaste, the little there is is suckingly sticky and sweet. Any hops in there?
Karbacher Maisperle (Brauerei Karbach, Schönenwerd)    boak
KlugeHas a very distinct taste, just like... Hmm. From somewhere, you'll get a hint of corn. But I can't really tell wether they used popcorn or fresh corn. Or even corn flakes, for that matter.
WesiNice snap-bang bottle cap. Taste... Hmm. Kinda funny mixture of aroma hops and corn, making it fruity and a bit flat in the beginning; an impression that gets augmented by its cheap, lager-like aftertaste. Not my favorite.
Karbacher Reisperle (Brauerei Karbach, Schönenwerd)    boak
KlugeNot much of anything, very strange aftertaste. Play Dick Tracy for yourself...
WesiSame as their Maisperle, but the rice adds a carton-like note to the aftertaste. Imagine sucking on a tissue paper soaked with lager. Boring.
Sonnenbräu Zwickelgold (Sonnenbräu Rebstein)    mug
DaniWatery. Aehm. Slightly bitter, prickly finish, a bit furred on the tongue.
WesiNot bad. Nicely carbonated, tasty, but with an amazingly flat finish. Easy to drink, but kinda boring.
Löwengarten Millenium (Brewery missing)    boak
KlugePerfectly normal lager. Hoppy, with a hint of metal.
WesiHoppy, almost stinky smell, but then the typical, nondescript lager taste. Nuffin special, just boring.
Cardinal Millenium (Cardinal)    boak boak
WesiYack. Ain't no beer. Just cheap champagne, I'd say. Metallic, weak, watery, kinda like an american light beer out of can. Sucks.
KlugeThe smell of its ingredients (beer, wine, champagne) just reminded me to the end of an evening with all that: puke.
Albani Dunkel (Brewery missing)    boak
KlugeInteresting smell, like glue or solvent, but fortunately only very faint. Unfortunately, the adjective "faint" also applies to the taste. Highly carbonated.
WesiHm. Funny smell of fresh paint. Taste, well, nothing that takes your socks off, just lotta carbontation.
Albani Hell (Brewery missing)    boak boak
KlugeFaint smell of glue or one of its components. Starts quite refreshingly with lots of carbonation and a mild, hoppy taste. But that's all you'll ever get. A teaser.
WesiWeird smell paired with the typically sweet over-aroma-hopped Haldengut taste. Sucks.
Calanda Zwickelbräu (Calanda (Heineken), Chur)    boak boak
WesiYeh. I admit. I'm a bit prejudiced as far as Calanda is concerned. But, hmm. first of all, this brew's got a funny smell. Couldn't quite place it until I took the first sip, but then my tastebuds triggered immediately: Yuck, cheap champagne! Sorry, this ain't beer.
Eichhof Klosterbräu Amber (Eichhof, Luzern)    boak boak
WesiHmm. Kinda weird, faintly reminding me of some obscure british top-fermented amber I once had in Oxford. I'm not really fond of flowery sweet-n-sour beer.
Müller Urweizen (Müller, Baden)    mug
WesiFresh and crisp, if a bit very lagerish in its finish. Don't expect a Weizen (it's not), but rather a pretty decent unfiltered lager.
Haldengut Zwickelbier (Calanda-Haldengut, Winterthur)    mug
WesiJust my luck. I couldn't stand Haldengut brews for years, and now that they finally manage to brew something worth to be called a beer, they plan on closing the brewery... This Zwickelbeer is rather fruity, both in smell and in taste, but quite pleasantly so (not the offending strawberry-jelly type of fruityness, more the fresh and tangy taste of cider). The lingering aftertaste is also quite cider-like, but with a decent note of hops. Good.
Wädenswiler Ur-Weizen (Wädi Brau-Huus, Wädenswil)    boak
WesiDistinct weizen taste, but rather tangy. Not very heavy on the yeast side - or rather: the yeast is there, but almost extinguished by the sour and acidy start. Finish (aftertaste) is ok.
Einsiedler Spezial Dunkel (Rosengarten, Einsiedeln)    boak
WesiAs there ain't that many decent dark beers available in Switzerland, each is certainly worth a try. This one is quite drinkable, but - for my taste - a bit shy and weak. Still, not bad.
Appenzeller Holzfass Bier (Locher)    mug mug
WesiSurprisingly complex taste, fresh and lively up front, but with an amazingly lingering caramel note in the aftertaste. And, yes, there's definitely a touch of cask conditioning in there, too. Makes the overall drinking experience, and especially the aftertaste, come pretty close to a mild whiskey. I'm not particularly fond of whiskey, nor am I of beers with a caramelly aftertaste. But, alas, it's a bold innovation and definitely a new taste on the (otherwise overwhelmingly lagerish) swiss beer market. Thus, the final rating turned out slightly higher than my personal estimation of this brew.